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DIY colour flashcards

Lazy weekends call for do – it – yourself projects and thats exactly what Kinzah and I did this Sunday! We both had no interest in the football game my husband was keenly watching so I took out some materials and we got to work. Kinzah has been showing interest in colours more recently, she’s been pointing them out during story time or while … Read More DIY colour flashcards


Books about Ramadan, and where to find them!

It’s hard to believe that Ramadan is only a few weeks away! As part of my preparations for this holy month, I thought I would write up a one stop post where you can find books about Ramadan (and Eid Ul Fitir) in both Arabic and English for your little ones. I’m excited to see such a large selection of high quality books that … Read More Books about Ramadan, and where to find them!