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My top pregnancy must haves!

It’s no secret that the world of parenthood is over commercialized. From the moment you find out you’re pregnant to delivering and parenting your baby, you’re constantly bombarded with the latest and newest products that claim to be the best for your child and make your life easier. Don’t get me wrong, I am definitely one to fall for these claims just ask my … Read More My top pregnancy must haves!


What I didn’t know about postpartum …

You don’t always hear about what happens after the delivery. Everyone is always so interested in your “labour and delivery story” and the conversation usually ends at that. I am here to talk to you about what happens after you’ve birthed your precious little miracle and my personal postpartum experience. I fainted. One piece of advice I wish I listened to was to eat in … Read More What I didn’t know about postpartum …


To work, or not to work?

Being a grown up can really suck sometimes. What happened to the good old days when my biggest worry was if my friends were coming over to play or what kind of lunch my mom packed me for school?! These days (more like this past year) the toughest decision I have had to make was whether or not I would enter the workforce and … Read More To work, or not to work?